Mackay’s pioneering business tool

On June 28th, Regional Development Australia Mackay Isaac Whitsunday (RDAMIW) launched new venture Mackay Business Beacon, an online platform designed to strengthen the local business community.  

With local industry thriving in the Mackay region, a dynamic business scene is also growing at a rapid pace. In recent years, organisations have appeared and expanded, constantly broadening the provision of events and learning opportunities for people in the area. While we’re lucky to have such an abundance of choice, it can be difficult to keep a handle on what exactly is going on. 

The custom-built tool, created in partnership with the Local Buying Foundation (LBF), is here to fix that.

On the surface, it’s a simple events calendar showing every workshop, conference and networking session happening in the region. Gone are the days of scouring the internet, or signing up to hundreds of different newsletters, just to keep on top of your professional development. The platform provides a single, central source of information on every opportunity to upskill, learn, network or otherwise grow your business.

Behind the scenes, it helps the event providers enhance and promote their offerings, by connecting them with similar groups so they can collaborate and coordinate efforts. That means no more “must-attend” events happening on the same day.


Although the platform is currently being piloted in the Mackay region only, there are hopes to roll it out across the Isaac and Whitsunday areas as well as other regional areas. In fact, the venture was created with a view of helping local businesses operate in a national and global landscape.

The inevitable technological and legislative changes on the horizon mean that most industries will have to evolve to survive. The best way to future-proof the local economy is to equip business leaders and professionals with the skills to modernise and develop their organisations from within.

And so, Mackay Business Beacon was born, as a tool to promote continuous learning, and strengthen links between local businesses. It encourages support and cooperation, not only to share good practice and so help each other prepare for the future, but also because the best ideas come from talking to one another. The more ambitious, innovative people you put in one room - the further you extend the limits of what’s possible!