Business plan for regional development in 19/20

Five key priority areas for regional development have been identified as part of the FY19/20 Regional Development Australia Mackay Isaac Whitsunday (RDAMIW) business plan.

They are:

·         Developing infrastructure to enable regional prosperity and desired liveability

·         Providing opportunities for sustainable and diversified economic growth

·         Generating and enabling trade and investment opportunities for growth

·         Skilling and empowering our people to fulfil business needs, jobs, and workforces for the future

·         Building strong connected, vibrant and sustainable regional communities

 RDAMIW CEO Robert Cocco said the business plan focused on how the organisation would support these priorities, in collaboration with stakeholders across the region.

“RDAMIW’s role is to provide advice and submissions to Federal Government across a range of issues and we see network-building as an essential part of economic development,” Mr Cocco said.

“For example, when we look at diversified economic growth – one such area our region is working toward is to expand our Bio-Futures industry.

“Put simply, Bio-Futures relates to creating products from sustainable sources and or waste.

“The Mackay region’s sugar industry is an excellent example of this already in progress, where all parts of the cane stalk are used to create a product – rather than becoming waste.”

Mr Cocco said that infrastructure development was also a lot “broader than people may potentially realise”.

“The areas of infrastructure that we’ll be focusing on in this financial year include water and energy security, transportation – over road, rail, air and sea, safety and resilience, public space and culture, technology and environmental.