Central Queensland Workforce Development Initiative

The purpose of the project was to canvass regional organisations on their workforce development projects and programs, and to collate information on the impacts of the growth in the resource sector on other industry sectors in the region including tourism, retail and agriculture. This was a joint project between RDA MIW and RDA Fitzroy and Central West. Over nine Local Governments were involved in the engagement project with many key stakeholders contributing to the data and solutions.

The project mapped the current workforce development projects and programs in the region and gaps were identified. The project delivered information on the workforce impacts on regional communities due to developments in the resource sector. This includes impacts to other sectors and supply chains such as agriculture, tourism and retail at the regional community level.

This engagement project enabled RDA to identify the following priorities for the roadmap:

  • The need for collaboration and co-ordination of workforce programs across Queensland

  • The need to avoid duplication of costly workforce development programs

  • The need to ensure workforce development program outcomes translate to real employment outcomes

  • The need to develop a Central Queensland Workforce Development Strategy that better coordinates the efforts of workforce initiatives across the Central Queensland.

Regional Workforce Profile Report

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