Cross Regional Response to Resource Sector Growth

RDA MIW, RDA Fitzroy and Central West and RDA Wide Bay Burnett (Queensland) in collaboration with Central Queensland University conducted research including surveying over 108 regional stakeholders to better understand and plan for the key pressures resulting from the rapid growth of the resource sector.

The priority issues included:

  • Social wellbeing and liveability

  • Infrastructure and transport

  • Workforce planning

This engagement project enabled RDA to identify the following priorities for the roadmap:

  • Social wellbeing, workforce development and transport infrastructure are critical for sustainable liveable communities, greater social infrastructure planning and investment are needed to attract and retain families and lifestyle

  • Increasing roads infrastructure is required to support the resource sector growth

  • Greater need for more holistic long term infrastructure planning including social infrastructure.

Executive Summary - Cross Regional Response

RDA Impacts of Resource Sector Growth Full Report

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