North Queensland Strategy

The goal of the Northern Queensland Strategy (NQS) is to leverage wider inter-regional priorities for the benefit of the region. Whilst the NQS is an initiative of the Commonwealth and Queensland governments, it is also a joint collaborative effort between RDA Mackay-Isaac-Whitsunday, RDA Far North Queensland and Torres Strait, RDA Townsville and North West and RDA Fitzroy and Central West. We are focusing on enhancing governance, building capacity and progressing strategic investment with a view to implementation across four key themes:

  • Infrastructure and National Broadband Network

  • Agriculture, Water, Energy Efficiency and Climate Adaptation

  • Tropical Knowledge

  • Resources Growth Opportunities

RDA Mackay-Isaac-Whitsunday believes the NQS is paramount to addressing major policy and regulatory platforms for the region in order to deliver on economic, social and environmental development and job creation.

Fact Sheets

Northern Queensland Strategy Overview

Tropical Agriculture Initiatives

Energy, Water & Climate Adaptation Initiatives

Infrastructure Initiatives

Mining Initiatives

Infrastructure Initiatives to support Tourism

Tropical Knowledge Economy Initiatives

NQS Priority Map

Northern Queensland Strategy Projects Business cases for:

  • Investing in regional roads

  • Developing agricultural hubs

  • Supporting regional aviation and air freight for exports

Click below for link to the business case report:

NQS Final Business Cases

Click below for link to the overall recommendations report:

NQS Overall Recomendations 2

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