Rural Futures Project

The objective of the Rural Futures Project was to develop a Rural Futures Statement articulating the importance of rural communities as strong and viable sustainable economies, and their contribution to the health, character, liveability and wealth of the region. The project identified the MIW region as one of high capacity and skill, borne of its historical roots as an agricultural economy. Nevertheless, there is further opportunity for the rural sector to grow capacity utilising additional regional infrastructure, logistical systems, skilled workforce and expanded supply chains. In particular, the region is well-placed as a central commodities hub; and targeted investment in workbased training and education programs would benefit all rural industries in the regional footprint. The region also already exhibits several examples of innovative and sustainable practices, and these could provide a basis for an innovation network, designed to boost rural industries’ profitability, productivity, and export potential.

More information on this project is available here:

RDAMIW Rural Futures Statement

RDAMIW Rural Futures Background

Presentation by Mick Keogh, Australian Farm Institute

Presentation by Robert Cocco, Reef Catchments

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