Social Wellbeing Project

RDA MIW investigated the social wellbeing issues in the region by surveying over 47 key stakeholders and community organisations. The purpose of the project was to understand key issues and solutions in community development to enhance wellbeing in the region. The key challenges for the region included cost of living, housing affordability, pressures associated with mining operations in townships, homeless, provision of mental health services, access to public transport, social isolation, alcohol and drug use, large and disperse geographical nature of the region, lack of community and health services.

The recommendations from the report included:

  • Clearly recognising and responding to the impacts of population growth issues

  • Developing and implementing proactive, preventative strategies that minimise impacts and provide opportunities for community members

  • Clarify the roles of Government, non-Government and community groups and industry in addressing the social impacts of economic growth including FIFO/DIDO

  • Implementing a formalised, integrated process for action of strategies which ensures that processes are recognised and prioritised by Government and that the social sector has a seat at the table in regional planning processes, and are given equal priority

  • Developing a regional social planning position which coordinates social sector planning across the region through a collaborative process

  • Undertaking further specific and tailored engagement with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Australian South Sea Islander community to identify culturally appropriate strategies to enhance social wellbeing

This project has enabled RDA MIW to identify roadmap social wellbeing priorities:

  • Mapping social infrastructure and development of a social infrastructure plan for the region (also linked with a cross-regional approach to health and community service delivery)

  • Identify gaps in health and social services, and benchmark services against other regions

  • Work with regional social development agencies to understand and advocate for regional social and health issues

 Social Wellbeing in the Mackay-Isaac-Whitsunday Region

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